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October 12, 2009



I remember when I thought that the only books in the world were those that were in our library and the scholastic book catalog. I remember when I learned otherwise. It's still hard to describe the feeling of joy (and I'm almost 39) when I learn that a beloved childhood author wrote more than one book, or that that book was really the first in a trilogy. Books will never die for me.

P.S. It's nice to see a more normal body shape in a cover art. But I want to know where she found a dress with a built-in bra like that! Ahh, the world of fiction: Where anything is possible. ;)


"A Pony for Tony" (a Golden Book) was my first.

Jemi Fraser

My fave Golden Book was the Pokey Little Puppy. My kids loved it too. Still have it :)

Lovely post!


CilleyGirl, that's exactly how I feel! When I gave my speech, I saw so many misty eyes in the audience, and loads of people came up to me later to share their book revelations and how much they meant to them. It's quite special to me to be able to connect with readers like them and you along our shared experiences.

Re the cover model: At my signing last Saturday, people kept asking if that photo was me. I wanted to ask, "Are you blind!?" I'm years older and far saggier than this firm creature. The model in the photo is supposed to be Samantha Brennan, HIGH CRIME's protagonist, a fake psychic with an eccentric wardrobe. Samantha, despite her confidence in other areas of her life, thinks of herself as plump, as many modern women who aren't skeletal do. But Angus, the ancient, timeless Celtic god of youth and love and laughter, absolutely loves her body and says so few women in Samantha's century have as good a figure. I did want to suggest that at times Samantha's body was considered the ideal.


Joe and Jemi, I envy you both for remembering those critical early books. The first early title that I remember was my first Nancy Drew. Since that book gave me such a profound experience, I feel a gap that I don't recall the title. Whenever I see old Golden Books in antique stores, I always look through them, hoping for a flash of memory. But it never happens. I suspect I don't remember the title because I kept making up new stories to go with the pictures, rather than being able to read the actual story.

Anna Ayala

Dear Kris:
It was great to see your blog entry here on Femmes Fatales. I have been trying to email you via your website concerning the class on marketing your mystery novel, but it automatically takes me to Outlook, which I do not use and do not have configured. Is it possible for you to send me a quick note letting me know what your professional email address is so that I can contact you about the class schedule and also about possible editing of my first novel when it is finished? Thanks!


Thanks! Come back often.

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