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October 02, 2009


chris adams

I suppose one question we have to ask is -was Gandhi successful?

In his goal -if it was to get the British out of India?

Did they leave because of him, or because they decided economically it was time to go?

Kristina L.

Techniques like Gandhi will only work if they're used against someone or a country that's basically reasonably decent. If people in Iran tried hunger strikes, don't you think the leaders would just let them starve?

Then there was the Tieneman (sp?) Square in China. Didn't work so well for the poor people who were trying to protest.

If you need to deal with genuine bad guys who don't care what you think (like people who abuse spouses), force is likely to be the only way to go. The problem with Stella's approach is that sooner or later, unless she has ESP, she's going to get taken in by some lying spouse who just wants to get her/his spouse beaten up or shot. The problem with vigilante justice is that sometimes what we all "know" is true isn't. So sometimes innocents suffer in the name of justice.

But the description keeps reminding me of that scene in Kindergarden Cop, where Arnie got to hit an abusive parent. Just feels so good to see a bad guy get it!


Hi, Chris - I'm no historian, but I'd bet even those who are expert would find a way to debate just what you mention from now on. My view is, if it was for economic reasons, they should have left before soldiers beat peaceful protestors over the head. :) Governments and armies rarely do that, though. Thanks for the comment - it's something to think about.


Good points, Kristina. I agree with you, that somebody who would hurt their own child or spouse won't stop without a serious threat of physical punishment.

Stella's methods are effective but she's taking a big chance. That's why this type of story works so well. The high stakes, danger, fear of being found out, and the way readers live vicariously through her are all things that keep you turning those pages!

Dana Cameron

Sounds like a great book, Kris!

And for the record, "Gandhi ruined my day," is a super line! LOL!

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