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May 16, 2010


Elaine Viets

You need to set a scrapbooking novel in Fort Lauderdale, Joanna, where the yachting set makes elaborate scrapbooks to celebrate their ships and we have shops for "yacht decorators."

Joanna Campbell Slan

Since I was born in Florida, I look for any excuse to go back! This sounds like a good 'un. Thanks, Elaine.

Mary S.

Haha! Those casings will get you every time.

I just got back from Jo-Ann's. Amazing all the stuff you can get for scrapbooks and other crafts these days. I could stay in there for hours.

Best of luck with the new book!

Joanna Campbell Slan

Thanks, so much! We scrappers sure have fun!


Thanks for blogging with the Femmes Fatales, Joanna! Your post reminded me of how the Victorians would save all sorts of things as mementos, and how fun it is to look at them today!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, that's too hilarous!

Yeah, I have a little ticket from a drawing or raffle that says something like: do not discard this ticket. So I still have it.

Scrapbooking is wonderful, but dangerous. The problem for me is the time betweeen "saving" (which I have down pat) and "putting it in a book." (Which I don't.)

Joanna--save me! And so lovely to see you here!

Kristina L

One of Jill Churchill's novels had a person who saved clippings of her own crimes.

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