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November 22, 2010


Rachel Brady

Hi Dana. Congratulations to you all on the audio release. How fun. :)

Meg Gardiner's vocal performer for China Lake was awesome. Khaled Hosseini also read his own novel, The Kite Runner, which was superb. And I like to hear Jaquelyn Mitchard read her own books, too. Such a friendly voice.

Other times, a narrator can taint a story for me if I don't feel like we "hit it off." Weird.

Glad you got a good one!


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, it would be such fun to hear those stories on audio! perfect. I'm running right out to get it...What wonderful collections those are. Treasures.

And I remember saying to you--Dana, your hair looks--purple! And like, yeah. It WAS purple. And quite attractive.

ANd yes, Charlaine. She was--stellar. Spectacular. Everyone was buzzing!


Thanks, Rachel! Lovely to see you at CB! Yes, a good narrator makes or breaks it.

It was a fun weekend, Hank! And my hair was purple. Once, I wore a red wig, bobbed, and no one noticed. So I go big or stay home, these days!


Some of my books have been put out in audio editions, and I love the reader they chose. I think I read my own work well, but she's better than I am. While I'm thrilled to have these editions available to readers, it's not a form I've ever taken to. I tried it again the last time I drove to CA for signings -- I played a Daniel Silva thriller, thinking that would keep me engaged. But my mind wanders too much when I drive, especially on road trips, and I lose track of the story. It's great that we're all able to find the format that best serves us, though.

Love the purple hair, Dana! Quite a look. ;)


Kris, I'm with you; I like radio-dramas and audio books, but find them too engaging when I'm driving. Definitely a treat for a quiet night in, with a suitable beverage!

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