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November 14, 2010


Karen in Ohio

Kris, I've had chronic insomnia for all my life, but have been taking acupuncture for it, these last six months. I'm finally getting at least six good hours of sleep a night.

Those purple earplugs from the drugstore are the best, just sayin'.


Thanks for the suggestion, Karen. I'll look at those. I actually have two other types of earplugs, one a waxy-cotton one, and one a gooey-pillow type that covers the outside of the ear. I think I'm just cursed with exceptional hearing.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Are there those breathe-right strips for dogs?

It seems like there must be a way to cure her...hmmm..


Hank, maybe I could invent a breathe-right strip for dogs. Dog-owners all over the world would thank me. Those that snore anyway. There must be others.


I haven't sleep through the night in 20 years. I just wake up all night and go back to sleep. I have a mp3 player with books on it that I listen to to go back to sleep. I set it on sleep and it shuts off after 30 minutes. Don't think it would work with the earplugs though. My dog talks in his sleep and wakes me up sometimes so I can commiserate on the snoring.

Elaine Viets

Our cat Mystery snores -- she has a flat face. She and Don snore in tandem. I can elbow Don to make him stop. I move Mystery to the living room.


Oof, there's a problem, Kris. Can the vet offer any solutions?


Leslie, it's great that you go back to sleep. It's good that you're able to do that. A dog who talks in his sleep -- how funny!

Elaine, good for you. I need to toughen up and move the dog. It's not exactly cruelty.

Dana, the vet said I could up her antihistamine dose, but I try to keep her on as low a dose as possible. I know canines and felines metabolize drugs different from us, but I have trouble giving a 20 lb dog a dose of Benadryl that would knock me out cold.

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