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November 24, 2010



My sympathies on your up-and-down year. Mary Stewart (Nine Coaches Waiting, Airs Above the Ground) and anything of Jane Austen are my fallback comfort reads, but series mystery stories got me through the horrid couple of years after my dad and my stepdad died. Tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich is my comfort food. Coca-Cola and ginger ale are my comfort drinks, though only rarely drunk now, since I've sworn off soda.

It was lovely seeing you at Crime Bake.

Mary S.

You've had a tough year, Charlaine. Routine things do help you get by when you're in the middle of bad times. I'm also thankful for everyday comforts, like enjoying a day at home, some hot tea, that kind of thing.

When I think of comfort reads, I think of authors or series rather than certain books. P.G. Wodehouse for the comedy, Martha Grimes for the pubs/English settings in the Jury series, Will Thomas for his characters and London setting, Laurie King for everything in her books.

I don't re-read one certain book for comfort, but I do re-watch a couple of movies - The Mummy (1 and 2) and Moonstruck. I bet I've seen those twenty times or more each. :)


I'm sorry for all the losses you and your family have suffered this year, Charlaine, but I'm glad you're finding your comforts.

TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD is one of my comfort reads. There's something about the distance in Scout's adult voice that brings me peace. But some early books by Elizabeth Peters or even some Agatha Christie mysteries will do it, too. If I can steal a few hours to read in bed, that makes it extra comforting.

Charlaine Harris

There really is something wonderful about reading in bed, isn't there? Since I travel a lot, one of least favorite trends in modern hotels is to have inadequate lighting by the bed. Makes me furious.

Agatha Christie can be pretty soothing, because you can be sure it will all be explained in the end. I LOVED "Nine Coaches Waiting." I wonder if it would feel dated now? And "The Mummy" is always fun.

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