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January 11, 2012


Kelly Saderholm

Thanks Kris, I'll look for this. I love The Artist's Way- I do the Morning pages almost everyday.


Did you mean Spurred rather than Spurned in the initial paragraph?


Oh, Kelly, you are good. Lots of people swear by morning pages but I just can't do it. Don't want to think too early in the day.

Kris, this sounds like something I need. Book buying is my worst shopping problem. So if I have to buy a book to help me stop buying books then, darn it, so be it. I'm happy all around.

Great review!

Kelly Saderholm

Mary- thats the trick of the morning pages- you're not supposed to think about what you are writing- just free write and see what happens. I usually find that the fist page and a half is utter garbage, but then good stuff trickles out about half way in. I often find its some issue that I have not even consciously thought about. Usually this is "life stuff" but often I get great ideas or insights about my writing. I try to do it everyday, but sometimes I use a very small notebook:)


Kelly, I don't use as big a pad as Julia does, either. And sometimes 3 pages is still tough.

Mary, Julia will insist that the pages have to be done in the morning because that allows us to access our unconscious easier. But I've gone through phases when I've done them at night, and that has also worked for me, since it helps to shed the day. It did occur to me that she was presenting people who spend too much with a problem by having to buy a book. But she's gotta make a living, too.

Supriya Savkoor

What a great idea I just saw on your FB page -- calling in an order to your book store! Can you tell us here how we can do that?

Not to mention, I think I'm finally inclined to get my first Julia Cameron book. If I had to choose just one, should I start with The Artist's Way or this one? I am definitely in need of some writer therapy right now!
Thanks, Kris!


Supriya, I'll answer this on FB, too, but I'll address it in greater length here. For writer therapy, I don't think anything beats The Artist's Way. The Right to Write is another of her books that also works well for writers, but I'd start with the first and the best, The Artist's Way. While it's definitely possible to make artistic and life growth using The Prosperous Heart, that's still not its primary focus.

You can always call my bookstore with an order! You can call 928-282-2284 (AZ time zone) or email us at books@wellredcoyote.com. Thanks!

Supriya Savkoor

Thanks so much, Kris I must be the only writer who hasn't read this important work yet. I just checked it out from the library to give it a skim first. If it's a go (gotta spend my book money wisely these days), I'll give you a heads up. Thanks again.


Supriya, I hope it helps you as much as it's helped me and so many others.


I'm happy to help her make a living. :) Plus, this one does sound like it's valuable in many areas, not just self-help for writers which is one of my book-buying weaknesses. :)

I do like your idea of 'shedding the day.' That's better for me. There was a time I'd get up at 4am everyday and write before going to work. Can't do that anymore!

Elaine Viets

When one writer recommends another writer's books about creativity, I know it's going to be good.

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