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April 15, 2012


Betty Duke

I enjoyed your post today. You reminded me of the Thistle and Twigg books that I absolutely love. I wonder, will there be any more of these? I do hope so! They suit my light and airy reading moods exactly!

Mary S.

Thank you, Betty! Yes, one of these days I'll get another T&T book out there. I appreciate that.


What great book descriptions, Mary! I'll add them to my list!

(Heh, heh: Spikey!)

Michael Salisbury

I loved Bledsoe's book and I'm glad you recommended it to me. I agree with everything you said about it. Supernatural books are a 'mood' thing with me too. I've read and enjoyed Butcher, so now I'm thinking Clockwork Angel is looking pretty good.

Mary S.

So glad you liked Hum And Shiver, Michael. Today I finished the next Harry Dresden, Proven Guilty, which is so well-written. Butcher really knows how to write good fight scenes.

You know I love anything set in London :) so that was a big factor with Clockwork Angel for me. I don't read many YA books, so don't know if this is done much, but the female teenage lead seemed to do a lot of stupid things. That was my only complaint. I'm still looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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