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April 27, 2012


Sue Gilot

I will not be able to attend as I will be in VT watching my 14 year old Godson learn how to fly glider planes. When I asked him if I had to go he simply said Yes because I am always there for the important things in his life. Can't say no to that!!

Linda Osborn

This isn't creative (I wish it were) but I have to be here for my dad. Since he had a stroke almost 4 years ago I've not been able to go anywhere or do anything. I am his only source for help. I've had to run to the hospital a number of times for emergencies so I couldn't journey away from this locale.

Debbie Hagedorn

I have to work this weekend. We are making up weather days from frozen sewer pipes in January and my boss would "kill" me if I wasn't there!

lil Gluckstern

Much joy to all of you. I don't travel too much anymore due to poor health, but i'll be thinking of you and rooting for you all-if that's possible.

Deb Thomas

I'm stuck out here at the corner of No and Where with a blown Catalyzer, and besides, the wash house doesn't have its roof yet ....


I am at Malice so no real excuse. I am ever so glad I made my reservations many months ago before my broke and I had to pay the dealer $7,041 this week to get it healthy again. If I knew that bill was coming I wouldn't have been able to make the trip.


My son flush Malice registration down the toilet.


I tripped over my crutch and broke the OTHER leg!

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