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April 30, 2012


Mary S.

I hate that I missed Malice this year, especially when Femme Dana toastmastered! Those of you who were there, how was the auction and the banquet? Those are my favorite fun things. And the tea with all the dessert goodies. Did they do a movie the first night this year? That used to be so much fun. Or like when Simon Brett is there and does the comic radio routines. Brilliant.

Toni LP Kelner

No movie or radio show, sadly, but I understand the auction was lots of fun and I did enjoy the banquet. The tea rocked this year--more savory stuff plus the sweets. Yum!

Marcia Talley

I was at Malice and had a terrific time catching up with old friends and making some new ones! Then it was off with Femme Elaine, Hallie Ephron and Tracy Kiely for a Sisters in Crime birthday party/book signing at the Annapolis Bookstore on Sunday night -- cake and champagne all around. Up early the next day for the 5 hour drive to Oakmont, PA to attend the amazing Festival of Mystery. How do you spell exhausted?


Tremendous fun, Mary, though no movie. The auction with Hank and Katherine Hall Page was terrific entertainment! Sounds like you had a rocking time, Marcia!

Toni, thank you again for this lovely tribute!


And thanks again to Hank for a fun and thought-provoking interview!

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