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May 16, 2012


carolyn haines

I am sick with envy! Sounds like you had a blast.

lil Gluckstern

Lucky you ;) What strikes me is the intelligence of everyone involved. Which is why Masterpiece is a pleasure. It's funny that a man with the unlikely name of Benedict Cumberbatch would excite such a response. Holly wood would never stand for it.


It was a blast, Carolyn! I was so excited, Lil! And yes, the combination of the brains and humor of everyone involved in the production makes it really fascinating (and a little intoxicating)!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

OH, so wonderful! What a treat..even if you didn't get to talk about deep writer-y things....

I just looked at the photos again. WOW!


Absolutely a treat, Hank! I managed to say something coherent (I hope) and writery when I said hello to all four panelists. More importantly, I had the chance to say "thank you" for bringing such great work to the screen.


LUCK??!! That's not luck, that's a Triple Cross, Hail Mary Curtsying Divine Benedictine Miracle!

When you were right next to him, did he speak? Were you able to remain standing?

So glad you got to go, Dana. That's a definite one-if-a-kind treat. :)

Toni LP Kelner

I'm still jealous, but will satisfy myself with living vicariously. Thanks for sharing the evening!

Marcia Talley

Mother always did love you best. ;-)


Mary, Toni, and Marcia, regards the luck: I haven't been able to decide whether to run out and buy lottery tickets or be extra careful about crossing the street...

Mary, we shook hands, I introduced myself (as a crime writer), said I admired his work, esp. with Holmes. He said thanks and "the credit as you know, as a writer, must go to Steven for his craft." Swoon!

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