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November 27, 2012


Charlaine Harris

No one is more fun than you.

Elaine Viets

Can't do it alone. My readers are the ones who make this contest fun.

Mario in DC

Interesting. To me, Barbara Chambers's red dress is gorgeous. The pink dress Anna Gulliford wears, however, makes me shudder. Obviously, I just ain't got no fashion sense. (^_^) -- Mario R.

Elaine Viets

I guess beauty (and ugliness) is in the eye of the beholder, Mario. I did see Barbara's dress in person. It's a bit overdone.
I liked the pink dress, and Ann has the shoulders to wear it.

Mario in DC

I certainly didn't mean to criticize your choices -- mine was, indeed, an "eye of the beholder" comment. And, as you suggest, I didn't see the dresses in person. I'll stand by my "I ain't got no fashion sense", though, since that is indubitably true. It's got me into trouble more than once.--Mario R.

Elaine Viets

No offense taken, Mario. The categories were chosen by the women who submitted the dresses.
As for fashion sense, I'm relieved that photos of me from the 1970s have thankfully disappeared. When I think of all those poor polyesters killed so I could have clothes . . .

Alan P.

The 70's did not fair well that night. It was a packed house! probably 150 people.

Elaine Viets

If you think the 70s are bad, Alan, take a look at the 80s bridesmaid dresses in the national contest at elaineviets.com
Choosing the most outrageous will be difficult.

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