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November 29, 2012


Karen in Ohio

Ooh, I'm also a floorplan junkie. And had no idea I wasn't the only one!

Your house in Galloway had a thatched roof? Such a lovely place; I can see why weeping was involved.


Big old Victorian slates, Karen (I've just posted a clearer pic on facebook). They sometimes slipped and plummeted - should have been in Cluedo (US Clue. Colonel Mustard, in the garden, with the edge of an eight-pound roof-slate.

Rick Blechta

My wife enjoys nothing more than to curl up in a bed with a book of house floor plans (they do exist). In fact, I bought her an expensive software package so that she can do her own!


Oh, Rick, I know. American Dream Houses is one of my favourites. Now, does your wife know that UK house-sale websites include floorplans? Try www.retties.com for Scottish ones.

Sarah Rizzo

My sisters and I would spend hours raking leaves into floorplans in the fall in Wisconsin. Designing the house was the best part.

Diane Vallere

Thank you for introducing me to Hooked on Houses. I'll finish this comment in a couple of hours...


Don't blame me, Diane. It was Pillow Stalk (Diane's new murder mystery) that got me googling Her Dorisness in the first place!

Mario in DC

I remember reading in TV Guide (back when TVG still had actual articles) that people used to write to the tv show Bonanza to ask for floor plans of the Cartwright house ... You are most definitely not alone in your fascination with floor plans, I used to draw plans all the time as a child, my own designs as well as trying to determine the layout of the houses I saw on television. I'd cut plans out of newspapers and magazines, too, and paste them into a scrapbook, and still delight in finding them in books. Thank you for writing this article, it's good to know there are others like me out there!

And what a lovely house you had, the one in Galloway!


Well. My name is legion, eh? Who knew.

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