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November 25, 2012



Great post. I tell people, I like what I like.


I think you should go with "competently fried flounder" as your favourite food if you're asked. Because it's hilarious!

Beth Groundwater

What's your favorite thing to gripe about, Donna? ;-)

Deborah Blake

Well, as long as you know what you like. That's what's really important.

So, what's your favorite book?


Donna Andrews

Favorite thing to gripe about? AARRGGHH!!!

Catriona, I could. Although I'd rather have superlatively fried flounder. I can think of two places, offhand, that qualify--Harrison's on Tilghman Island (and thank you, Kathy Harig of Mystery Loves Company, for introducing me to it) and the other was as restaurant on the waterfront in Salem, MA that my brother and sister-in-law took me too back when they lived in Boston. (Maybe one of the Boston Femmes can identify it?)

Susan Neace

I think that is the "Fighting Prince of Donegal" rather than the Price of Donegal.

"I am the prince of Donegal and no man's servant"

MY answer to the favorite color question is "Multi"

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