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November 20, 2012


Karen in Ohio

Sue Grafton has made a so-far 22-book series out of a need to "kill off" her ex-husband.

Brava, on the multi-use of the esoteric scientific phrase, Toni!


Ditto. In every book I've written and I have a list of candidates for future books. Thanks for explaining why I enjoy it so much, Toni!

Marcia Talley

Oh, Toni. My caudate nucleus was emitting sparks just reading your blog! My career as a novelist started when I had to kill off the b%*#$ who married my father after my mother died (OCCASION OF REVENGE) and there has been no stopping me since. LOL.

Lil Gluckstern

So now I know what homework to assign my therapy patients Write "off" this people who hurt them. Great post!

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