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November 12, 2012


lil Gluckstern

I always tidy before the cleaners come. Easier for them, and very good for me, just like you :)

Kevin Michel

I have to tell you a cautionary tale about my mom's cleaning person. Mrs. "R", ( names have been withheld to protect the guilty), was a mad polisher. She polished the windows, ( yes that is what I mean), the counters, the toilet seats, ( you bet it was a surprise!), and the floors. We all had specific tidying assignments before she arrived so that she could do her "white tornado" routine through the house. One year, she was working in the dining room and accidentally sprayed some Pledge on the floor. When she went to wipe it up she loved the shine it left behind, so she decided to do the entire room that way. On her hands and knees she pledged the entire dining room floor from end to end and buffed it to a high shine. Now the dining room was a formal space and we didn't go in there unless we were having a formal dinner. On Thanksgiving day, mom arose and put on her usual keds and sweats to get the meal together and set the table and sideboard, as did my sister an I. Didn't notice a thing. As the guests arrived, we sat in the great room drinking punch and eating nuts and cheese, and my two sisters got the table ready while mother got dressed. She came down as everyone was getting seated and realized the peas were still in the kitchen, so she picked them up, and walked into the dining room to put them on the table. The next part required reconstruction from multiple viewpoints later in the evening, but what I saw from my vantage point at the far end of the table, was my mothers feet hit the floor and slide right out from under her, and her momentum was such that she and her velour party suit slid from the kitchen door to the living room carpet, approximately 30 feet, under the table and chairs, and out the other side. The remarkable thing was she didn't drop one pea. After that, we put serious restrictions on Mrs. R's supplies, and I took over dusting and cleaning the dining room floor.

Nancy Roessner

My oldest daughter has someone cleaning for her and she tidies up, too before she arrives. Then she toddles off upstairs to her office to get out of the way. Sounds good to me!

Donna Andrews

Lil and Nancy, you reassure me that I'm within shouting distance of normal. Kevin, I think your family must be related to Meg Langslow's!

Storyteller Mary

I had every-two-weeks cleaning for several years, mostly because my allergist advised having "someone else" do the vacuuming. I was also teaching six language arts classes a day, with all the essay-grading that requires. It was lovely to come home to a super-clean space, and putting away some of the clutter allowed that to happen. There were times that I would not clear the table of grading-in-progress and instead put a big "skip this table this time" sign on top. She understood, as most of her clients were teachers at our school.

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