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November 18, 2012



We have a box of photos like that - some have names written in pencil on the back, but many are unidentified. I like looking through them, spotting family resemblances, wondering about their relationship to me.

Golden Sovereign! I read that book, about 35 years ago. Don't remember much about it, but I remember thinking the name was really cool, after I looked up the meaning of the word.

Karen in Ohio

Hank, your dad couldn't be very old in that photo, but he looks so... serious, doesn't he? Your mother was so elegant and beautiful. What a great couple.

At this point I've decided to pitch photos if I don't know who the people in them are. Why torture ourselves? How important could it be, at least to us, 40, 50, 60, or more years later, if we don't have a clue about their identities?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Sandi, another Golden Sovereign fan! Lovely. Remember the others? Silver Birch, Midnight Moon.. They were terrific.

ANd Karen, hmm. That's a radical idea. I'm not sure I could do that..although it's not as if I'm gong to find any answers. I'm gong to give it a little time, though.

Storyteller Mary

I have a hard time pitching pieces of history, perhaps the teacher/storyteller in me. A friend retrieved a lost album on its way to the dump when it literally fell from the truck into her path. She has made stories and art from these photos of people she never knew . . .
Thanks for sharing these, Hank! (BTW, it took me a minute to realize that the "marks" on your fingers were the punchouts studios used to put on the proofs -- so glad you weren't injured or tattooed).

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, Mary, that's funny. Yeah, they kind of look like those..henna tattoos, don't they? Nope.

Yea, the people she never knew. It's kind of heart-breaking.

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