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December 16, 2012


Storyteller Mary

I loved that part of the book!! (well, all parts, really) I was telling stories at a school the day the science department was conducting that experiment, not quite and dramatically as your link's show, but still impressive. It's a good use of the Diet Coke, too, far less harmful than drinking the stuff ;-)

. . . How long until your next book? (she asks, greedily)

Elaine Viets

The next Helen book, "Board Stiff," will be published May 2013.
Josie Marcus #9 will be published Nov. 2013 -- but I still have to write it!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I have to try it. I have to. Hmm...

Elaine Viets

It's definitely good TV material, Hank. And there are no calories if you use Diet Coke.


Great post, Elaine. Coke truly is the wonderstuff. I cook ham in it and clean jewelry in it. Wouldn't drink it, though. Gack.

Elaine Viets

It's also good for cleaning the chrome on your car. Seriously.
Never had a Coke-soaked ham, but I bet it's delicious.


It's fab. Some people use the hammy coke as stock to make pea soup but that's where I wimp out.

Elaine Viets

Split pea soup -- perfect on a cold winter day. Not sure I'd want a Coked-up ham for flavoring.

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