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December 12, 2012



Fantabulous elevator pitch (which sounds much less scary in UK English, btw - "lift puff"). I am rubbish at them. My worst ever? "It's about some people."

Deborah Crombie

LOVE the cast!!!!!!!!!! Although need to see Tracy Nelson with short hair:-)

Marcia Talley

Catriona, 'lift puff' falls soft upon the ear, although Americans might confuse it with something to do with a plastic surgery procedure.

Mary Ellen Hughes

Marcia, if Mark Harmon plays Hannah's husband, Paul, I'll play Hannah! :-)

Great blog. Looking forward to Dark Passage!

Marcia Talley

Mary Ellen, you will be standing in a long line!! Ha ha!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Lift puff! Love it...

Marcia, sounds terrific..

Dan Stashower

Can't wait to see how you handled the shipboard magic act, Marcia. You know I'm a Hannah fan from way back.

Marcia Talley

@Dan. With fog machines and the theme song from "Dark Knight" by Hans Zimmer. LOL.

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