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December 20, 2012




You were a true delight at Bouchercon this year. I was so happy for you when you won the Macavity at the R&R Hall of Fame. Everyone could tell that you were truly surprised and honored.

Your series is on my Must-Read list for 2013. Can't wait!

Karen in Ohio

Henrietta! How starstruck were you, to have dinner with Ms. Chancellor? What exciting news, about the TV show. The only bummer for us here in the States is that we probably have to wait an extra year to see it.

Rigby & Peller, eh? Note to self.


I'm excited for you and can't wait to see the BBC production. Also can't wait for more books.


Wow! What have I missed? This sounds amazing! Please put me in the hat! I love hats!


Karen, I had to work pretty hard not to be a lot more uncool thna usual!

Marian Librarian

Oops, posted my response to Catriona over on Hank's blog post. Now we'll all be confused. But--Anna Chancellor! Miss Bingley!! Definitely looking forward to this!

Lil Gluckstern

I look forward to reading this. If it's anything like your blog I will love it. Laughed at the story of the underwires-yours, and the Queen's.


Terri Mote

How often does a blog lead me to the book? Rarely (unless Dean James is recommending) but now I can't wait to get to Murder by the Book to get this one. Your blog post is a blast!

Susan Shea

What wonderful news - I am just hearing it for the first time. And Anna is a joy of an actress. I'm loving her in "The Hour." Congratulations!

Storyteller Mary

You are so right, the cover is Christmas colors! . . . and of course, one should always coordinate one's reading to the colors of the season. Red Cross nurse recommended peroxide after she over-tightened the tourniquet on my arm.
I'm intrigued by the book now . . . and comparing stain tips ;-)


Marian and Xena - your names have been drawn! Could you email earth addresses to catrionamcpherson@gmail.com and I'l pop them in the post. Cx

Elaine Viets

What a year for you, Catriona. And really, murder and the holidays go together so well. Am I betraying Scroogelike sentiments?
Happy holidays and more success for 2013.

Charlaine Harris

Congratulations, Catriona. I hope you have as much fun with your television experience as I have had with mine.


Charlaine, TB is our watchword for "it can be really different and still really good." Here's hoping.

Storyteller Mary

Congratulations, Xena!!

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