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December 10, 2012


Claudia Thornburgh

I don't necessarily need to know what every offstage character is doing. But I would like to see Eileen and Pam again, once in a while. And if you ever have a chance to bring back the weaver from "Crouching buzzard," I'd love to see her again.

As for Horace, he seems to be in Caerphilly more than Yorktown-- how does he keep his job?

All of your characters, new and old, are funny and some of them are charming. (Some of them, obviously are not, nor meant to be)

And yes, I have read series where regulars keep getting killed off or convicted of murder. It's really annoying.


If you want to write bonus material on your blog, I will for sure read it, but I don't feel qualified to second guess your creative process.

Sandy Murphy

In the day of instant messages, it would be easy to have a post card come from Timmy, an email from Pam or a tweet from someone else we miss. It's a tiny update, something Meg would ordinarily receive and/or mention to someone else and it won't take up words needed for the current story. Will that work? Hope so, I miss some of the characters.


Or if the readers nag or upset you, dispatch the character to a gruesome end. "Alas, poor Timmy, he was carried off by squirrels. We suspect they stuffed him with walnuts and stashed him in the tree mulcher for the winter, and when we fired it up to make the mincemeat for the Boy Scout Christmas Pageant, we suddenly realized we needed more raisins!"

Sharon S

Maybe we could get a snippet or two from everyone's Christmas cards once a year, if they don't make the new story? Then again, I'd hate for you to have to hunt down any minor characters that even you are unsure what they are up to in order to create that.

Then there's the problem of the reader who has bonded with a minor character who gets forgotten because they were in Meg's life for but a moment, in book two or three, and never heard from again.

There is also the problem that I read everyone else's suggestions and find I agree with each of those -which makes my brain hurt because they can't all be the right answer for silly reasons such as laws of logic.

When I first began to read Dave's comment,(posted at 2:00 pm)I thought he was going to suggest you make the nagging readers your victims. There is potential there too. :)

There are more potential solutions than there are minor characters, I'm sure. You've opened a can of worms, at least for me.

Nanette Fynan

I would love to hear more about the relative that lost her shoe while she was doing the highland fling at the wedding in your first book. Of course Horace's gorilla suit is always welcome. I also especially liked the Morris Dancers. I'm hoping someday to have a local fundraiser with extreme croquet, but perhaps our weather isn't extreme enough.

Karen in Ohio

You should have just told her Timmy was in the well, but that Lassie was on the job.

I know, too flippant. But geez.


I agree with Sharon, I like all the suggestions ;) I haven't really missed anyone yet, I figure everyone will return in due time!

Kristina L

I wonder if the problem was more that Timmy is a little kid, so when he suddenly "disappears", the reader was worried. I think the way your books are is great.

Deb Romano

When minor characters from another book aren't around, I just assume they're off somewhere living their lives. In my mind, you will inform us about them on a "need to know" basis: if you haven't mentioned them, then WE don't need to know!

Keep up the great work! I love to read and re-read your books!

Marcia Talley

It took me five books to bring back the character everyone hated from book one and bump her off. I confess I did it by popular request, but it also worked out well for plot purposes!

Marcia Talley

Dave, you are one sick puppy! ;-)

Donna Andrews

Claudia, I haven't forgotten Eileen (the third bride in Murder with Peacocks) and Pam (Meg's older sister, mother of Eric), but haven't found a place for them lately. Do you mean Amanda, the African-American Weaver in Flamingos?

Sandy it's not so much that it would take much space to have an update, but I worry about the effect it would on readers who don't remember them or never met them. Ever been at a party where people were exchanging news about people you'd never heard of? Didn't it make you feel a little bit left out? Don't want to do that to readers.

And the Christmas card idea would be nice--except I don't do a Christmas book every year!

Kristina, I think you're right--it was the fact that Timmy was a little kid. So I might make an exception and give an update on him.

Marcia, you're right. Dave does have an evil sense of humor. Hmmm...

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