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February 20, 2013


Dana Cameron

Marcia, I remember when we were listening to Stephen King as MWA Grand Master and both whooped when he mentioned Heinlein--not knowing the other was into him, too!

I wanted to write when I was very young and reading fairy tales. Later, Tolkien rekindled that urge, but I never thought I'd be able to do it, so channelled that instinct into telling stories about real people in my research. Until Emma Fielding and now Zoe Miller. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

OH, I LOVE Heinlein, but I have not read that! And it sounds terrific.

MY similar inspiration came from Jane Langton's Diamond in the A Window. Magic, love, history, transcendentalism, Thoreau..and that a geeky smart kid could be cool.

I was so wowed by it..and now I give it (along with all the Edward Eager books) to all the kids I know. ANd I was speechless when I got to sign with Jane Langton a few year ago. I could barely express my joy.

Marcia Talley

Hi, all! I'm just back into the internet world. We've been down since 8:30 this morning. Life on a small island: I called the cell phone of the internet provider, name of Chris, and he was already on his way, via boat, from the next island over. Just spent the last hour sitting on the porch watching Chris crawl all over the roof of Ralph's house across the harbor -- tallest house, where the antenna is!

Kate Charles

Very interesting, Marcia!

'Daughter of Time' was hugely influential in my life. If not for that book, I almost certainly would not be living where I do!

Donna Andrews

I am a long-time Ricardian, Marcia. And I had forgotten about The Door Into Summer. I feel a rereading binge coming on!

(And glad you were back on line before I got back to the computer!)

Marcia Talley

Donna, I have to say it's very gratifying that when one makes a complaint about the internet being down, the president of the company shows up by boat and clambers about on the roof of a 3-story building!

Marcia Talley

@Kate. I feel the same way. I hope there is an English cottage with a charming name in my future!

Marcia Talley

@Hank. Jane Langton was one of the speakers at the St Hilda's Crime and Mystery weekend several years ago. She gave a wonderful talk, illustrated with slides of the drawings she does to accompany her novels. Fascinating lady!

Marcia Talley

@Dana. Yes! The Stephen King interview was so interesting, and I remember our mutual whoop. One of the things I loved about Jim Huang's book was that I learned that several of my friends were equally nuts about Dorothy Dunnett.


Virtual whoops for Heinlein from me too! How could I have missed Door Into Summer? My first Heinlein remains my fave - I Shall Fear No Evil. I discovered it and Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld series at the same time.

Thanks - now I have a great reading list for the next few weeks. :)

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