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February 27, 2014



Sounds like a great idea for a book Denise.

As the founder of a bookclub (which had to disband when I started the book blog), there were many times where I had to soothe hurt feelings the day after a meeting.

People love to defend their point-of-view and often someone always wants to play devil's advocate.

Still, I will always cherish some of those discussions as we all were forced out of our comfort zones and debated important topics.

Marcia Talley

Denise, I was a member of a club once and we had one member who was so obnoxious that we disbanded, waited for a couple of months then started up again but we didn't tell him!

Denise Swanson

Kristopher, I know what you mean about getting out of your comfort zone. When I belonged to a book club, I read many books that I would never have picked up on my own.

Marcia--I can definitely see that happening!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Denise, SO funny! I adore book clubs, and they are so serious! The members ask such in-depth questions that sometimes, honestly, I;ve never thought about.

I belonged to a book club, yes, once, where we each took turns getting to choose the book. I picked one of my favorites, Edith Wharton's Custom of the Country. Everyone else hated it so much I felt like it was my fault for ruining their evening.. It was like picking a bad song on the juke box, and then having to bear it while everyone hoots.

But wow, what a wonderful thing for readers..and writers!

Kelly Saderholm

For a time, I was in a book club in a neighboring city, that was run by that cities Friends of the Library. Unfortunately, during one of the meetings an argument broke out so rancorous, that not only did the group break into two separate groups, but the whole Friends organization was severely disrupted. So yes, I can see where a book club discussion could spark a violent reaction- that might even lead to murder. i left that group.

On the other hand, my small town local group is great, and while the discussion is often lively, the members are careful not to let it get personal. Like Hank, I picked a book everyone else hated (Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay)but the members were very good-natured about it. Now we get books through the Kentucky State Library Reading group, and can check out the books, so no one is stuck buying a book they hated reading.

Denise Swanson

Kelly--wow. I knew that book clubs could get intense, but separating into two groups is seriously intense.

Hank--thanks! I agree that book clubs can be real boosts for authors.


I've never been in a book club, but I've visited a handful as an author. I worry that they'll think they've got to talk about the book because I'm sitting there. Then the wine flows, the talk drifts and it's business as usual!


Wine is good that way. :)

Kelly, such a shame they didn't like Kavalier & Clay. I loved it too. Ah, well.

The book clubs I've been to have all been great, no violent types :) This is such a great idea for a story, Denise. Looking forward to it!

Bob's Juice

Book clubs are real boosts for authors,I’ve got so many books by being in book clubs without this I am sure I never heared about them.

Denise Swanson

Carolina--nine times out of ten my visits to book clubs are what you describe. It's that tenth time that makes good stories. ;)

Thanks, Mary! It was fun to write.

Bob-I completely agree. WOrd of mouth is the best promo any author can get.

Kwei Quartey

What I've enjoyed about the book club discussions of my novels is the insight the members have into my characters--stuff I haven't even considered myself. They might ask me why a character did something, and sometimes I reply, "I'm not sure. Any ideas?" That always gets a laugh.

Denise Swanson

Good point, Kwei!

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