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March 11, 2014


Charlaine Harris

Ada, this sounds so interesting. Congratulations on going to such lengths to guarantee verisimilitude. It's amazing the amount of reconstruction you can achieve on a single day now. You obviously went the extra mile.

Charlaine Harris

Sorry. Meant to type "Adam." The devil really IS in the details.

Mary S.

I really admire you and other non-fiction writers for the hard work of "getting things right" - that's got to be extra stressful. Congratulations and all the best with this one and the next!


Charlaine and Mary - thank you for the generous comments and encouragement

Catriona - thanks for the guest spot

Femmes Fatales - keep slaying and solving 'em

In gratitude,

Dana Cameron

"...a sea lion who swallowed a fog horn..." Love that! Thanks for stopping by the Femmes Fatales blog, Adam!

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