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March 19, 2014


Karen in Ohio

Elaine, a friend posted a photo of his newly adopted cat, and I swear he could be Mystery's littermate.

Good luck with this next episode in Helen's and Phil's career!

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Karen. I've been having way too much fun with this book.


They are magical and I'm glad that Helen is on the case.

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Mare. Not sure dog lovers share our opinion.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

YOu are too funny! Eager to read this...will you sign one for me at Malice?

Elaine Viets

You bet, Hank.
Femmes Hank, Catriona, Donna, Marcia and Toni are going to be at the Malice Domestic mystery conference May 2-4 in Bethesda, Maryland. We hope to see you there and we'll all be signing our books.
CATNAPPED! makes its debut at Malice, four days before the rest of the country can make it. And signings are open to the public, if you can't make the whole conference.

Marcia Talley

I'm looking forward to Malice, too. The snow will be gone by then. Yes. It. Will.

Elaine Viets

Hm. Are cats any good at snow removal?
Guess not, or every cat on the East Coast would have been put to work.

Elaine Viets

This just in -- Femme Dana Cameron will also be at Malice.


Can't wait for the date release of the book!I'm counting the days like a new year is coming .

Dana Cameron

Thanks for adding me to the list of Femmes at Malice, Elaine! And, of course they're magic: the only creature that can teleport from upstairs to the kitchen at the sound of the treat jar...

Elaine Viets

My cats have supernatural hearing, Dana. At the sound of a cat dish, they materialize in the kitchen. No other crockery can summon a cat.

Pat Tracy

Our 3 cats love the sound of the "treat" package crinkling. Aging Sookie (she's a mind reader!) and kitten boys Jax & Ninja come running, from wherever they're hiding. Their magic is mostly in making us laugh, or at least grin. A couple of goofballs, they are. AND looking forward to seeing "all y'all" at Malice as well! (sans cats, alas.)

Elaine Viets

Cats' hearibng -- and their amazing abiloity to distinguish their food from all others -- is amazing. Really looking forward to seeing you at Malice, Pat. In the bar, of course.

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