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March 07, 2014


Hank Phillippi Ryan

I do like dogs--we had a million IrishSetters growing up..and when I lived in Atlanta, a beagle named McGee, who was a joy.

Dog books--well, Spencer Quinn's Bernie and Chet books are hilarious and adorable-how he writes in the voice of the dog, --well, it's terrific, And a true education in point of view.

Mary S.

SIGHTHOUND and ONE GOOD DOG are definitely going on my to-be-read list. I do love pet characters in fiction too. Recently I downloaded the first James Herriot book which I haven't read in decades. Warning to anyone who hasn't read his books - get a box of Kleenex ready first, then read. :)

Most recently, I've discovered Virginia Brown's Dixie Diva books which are hilarious. Bitty, one of the main characters, has a pug named Chin Ling. The books are set in Mississippi so it gets called Chitling. :)

I think most, or maybe all, the Femmes have animals featured in their books, right? Both my series have dogs. I've never had one of my own, always cats, but one of these days ...


Hank, I've read the Chet books, too. Chet's voice is really great.


Mary, I'm not familiar with the Dixie Diva books, but I will check that out. Sounds like fun. I love having both species - canine & feline - in my life, but I must admit that on the downside, dogs are higher maintenance.

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