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March 03, 2014


Sally Schmidt

Oh no, I deleted my searches, but I know it was a random list of things I just had to know right now. Sometimes seems kind of like a mini-diary, doesn’t it? I do the alphabet thing too – seems so . . . orderly. And Captain Kangaroo reminded me of Garfield Goose and Bozo with Ray somebody – Raymond? – don’t want to look it up now until I’ve gone A-Z.

Karen in Ohio

Female Iditarod musher
Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie recipe
2014 Honda Accord Hybrid
Nest product specs (for an article I'm writing)
Time change
Scottish "tablet" (kind of like a fudge)
US citizen born abroad eligibility to be President
Cooking safety in Ziploc bags


Bob's Juice

I delet my searches once a week.I won’t do this from this moment.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

So, Sally, did you ever think of it? (It'll come to you in the middle of the night...of course!) :-)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hey, Karen in Ohio--I rest my case. This is a wonderful list!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yeah, Bob's juice! See what you're missing? So great to see you here..

Patricia Marie Warren

I have your book (LOVED IT - listened to it on my drive to WPA2013), but since I enjoyed this post I will contribute my odd list anyway.
Caritas de Puerco (from a Cuban restaurant sign)
The Outlaw Chronicles (Ted Decker's series - episode 1 is free)
Maddie James' Amazon author page

Karen in Ohio

Most of this stuff I didn't already know, however...

I didn't believe the spring time change was already this weekend!

The "natural born citizen" issue is tricky, and not everyone agrees on what the writers of the Constitution meant by that phrase.

And for the record, unless the plastic bag says "Safe for cooking", it isn't. That's from the Ziploc website. :-)

Sally Schmidt

Hank - not yet. It's Ray Ray….something. I think I need to take a nap to see if it comes to me.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Fascinating, Karen!

ANd Sally, Ray Ray..sigh. No idea...


I often look up things I would previously have just let go by, and I also feel compelled to share the correct version of a quote instead of an approximation because it's ridiculously easy to check.
It reminds me of a discussion of "spell check" in a teachers' workshop in the 80s. The instructor brought out the possibility that it could be a help to spelling by instantly showing a student that there was a problem where the student might not have even suspected one.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yup, I agree, Mary! I'm a big spellcheck fan..although I wonder, sometimes, if its made me lazy. ANd I can't spell sherriff-- or is it sheriff?--no matter what.

See? Spellcheck is telling me sheriff. Thank you.

Mary Thornburg

Mr. Thornburg: "Tell her, 'Yes I am!" I asked who won the argument... he said it wasn't an argument, it was a conversation, as you say.

Good idea, no googling, but I can't often do it... We had a faculty member at BSU, very pre-Google, who would walk out of the room if anyone wanted to look up a point in the dictionary or encyclopedia. Not fair, she said. She's now in her late 90s and still remembers everything, so I guess it works!

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