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March 10, 2014


Kelly Saderholm

Some time ago I begged, pleaded with my printer to just please, please finish printing pages I needed- (thankfully, it did just before completely giving up the ghost) My daughter said, "Mom, you do know that the printer is not a living creature, right?"

Dana Cameron

Somehow they're always ready to turn on you! And always at the worst time. :(

Brian Hoffman

Wonderful. I think you've captured how many of us feel about our machinery. We rescue it from a cold-hearted retailer, we lovely use them, we buy them new software, and what do we get for all that. Certainly not loyalty.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

It's so--intriguing. HOW do they KNOW??


I somehow beg my computer sometimes to work faster because i have to run,and in that moment he crashes.You can guess what”s on my mind,when this happens.

Charlaine Harris

Some days I feel like wailing, "Why can't we all just get along?" Or, "Look! the printer is right over there! Recognize it!" I know my office machines are far more consistent than I am, but some days it sure doesn't seem like it.


Hank Phillippi Ryan

MY comment disappeared! Why! And yet-- therein is the perfect example of what you are saying...

trying to smile...

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