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March 21, 2014


Kelly Saderholm

Great post. I especially like the Read/watch something different- that really seems to jar things loose for me- maybe its because you look at things in a different way? I dunno, but it works.


I can relate to the things you do when I'm working on something with a deadline. I especially change music playlists since I'm more sensitive in that area. BTW love your piece of art in your photo!

Cath H

Clea Simon

Great ideas for when "powering through" just isn't cutting it. Thanks

Dana Cameron

Thanks, Kelly! I think it's because your subconscious is telling you that there's something cool there for you to use. That's my theory, anyway; at least I'm learning to pay attention to the urge to...browse.

Thanks, Cath! It's funny how the music change works, changing your mood, changing your POV.

You're welcome, Clea! There's only so many instances where powering through will solve the problem before it turns into bashing ones head against a wall. Good luck!

Elaine Viets

A sagging middle is a real problem, Dana. And it don't like it in my books, either.
Your have some excellent ways to combat this writer's dilemma. I also reread a author I greatly admire and see how s/he does it. I like Michael Connelly's straightforward, thoughtful style. And Charlaine does a masterful job of describing even minor characters. Sometimes pepping up those people can help control a sagging middle.
Congrats on your latest Fangborn.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, the "new thought" thing is so fascinating..yeah, sometimes I'll think of a "new" thing--and go back through my notes, and see I had the exact same idea before--but apparently it wasn't time for it yet.

I also try not to think about the middle. I think about the "end of the beginning" and the "beginning of the end." Sometimes that actually works.

Go, Dana!

Dana Cameron

Thank you, Elaine! And that's a great tip!

Hank, yes, it's sometimes a matter of waiting. And there comes a point when I know what the beginning is, and I kinda know what's going to happen at the end...
and it's a lot of dots to connect between the two!

Kathy Lynn Emerson

It must be something in the air. I talked about the same middle of the book blahs over at www.mainecrimewriters.com today. I like your suggestions, Dana.


Mimi Cross

Great post, and great advice!

Changing the music, reading something different, watching something different, all good ideas.
I'll throw in dancing, hiking, and—wait for it—the dreaded spring cleaning.

Loved reading a bit about your process. I'll look forward to Pack of Strays . . .

Dana Cameron

Thanks, Kathy/Kaitlyn!

And thank you, Mimi! Spring cleaning, a good walk, a quick dance (which confuses the cats, too) are all great ideas. I'll tell you, my linen cupboard has never been so tidy. :)

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