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August 12, 2014



Incredible. Every object we own has a history. What an adtonishng bit of fate to have such a treasure.

Karen in Ohio

What a wonderful story.

Love the emotions caught in your granddad's likeness, too. Small wonder that you love it so.

Elaine Viets

What an amazing work of art, Catriona. a real treasure.


Incredible, and so important that you have provenance so firmly in hand. The personal, historic, and aesthetic value of the portrait in wonderful! Thanks for sharing the story.

Mary S.

Oh how I love this painting and its story! And it's an intro to a new-to-me artist and obviously cool person.

Is the Royal Fusiliers' archive a place the public can go into, like a museum?

Storyteller Mary

I love this -- love that even knowing its importance in the grander scheme, you are honoring its importance in your family . . . and loving his ability to endure despite it all. Thanks for messages.


I think the Fusiliers' archive is one you'd have to write and make an appointment for, Mary. But the Imperial War Museum is wroth a visit (if you're feeling stout and able to take some harrowing stuff).

Ruth Nixon

What a charming story and it made me cry too. My daddy was lost at sea in January 1935 and then not to long later a package arrive and in it was picture of my daddy in his dress whites. My mom was so surprised .Ruth Nixon

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