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August 19, 2014


Elaine Viets

I've read some of these books, Dean, and don't want to embarrass the living authors, but I believe a series should die with its creator. The "contributions" are either pale imitations or charicatures of the orignals.


I haven't read these but I would be interested in a "new" Marple book.
I think is an interesting question and it is similar to "planned take overs" of beloved series. I am thinking of Dick Francis and his son - originally the books were just written by Dick Francis, then his son started co-writing and I'm sure will be continuing the books. John Clement worked with his mother Blaize Clement and now writes the series after her death.


Woohoo! I didn't know about Ripley's Allingham. I thought Thrones, Dominations was solid but I thought Testament of Death (the second - all Walsh and no Sayers) was tremendous.

Dean (Miranda) James

Betti, Felix Francis has now published two or three books on his own. A new one is due out in October.


I've read some, and found some of them better than others, but I've never thought any of them fully captured what the original author -- the real author -- brought to them. I think series should die with their creators.

Bob Giddings

I've yet to read the Ace Atkins' Spencer's, but was not impressed with the new Jesse Stone books. They lack Parker's depth in character insight.I can see the Sunny Randall sereis extended. There is a lot of room for growth of the Sunny character.

On another note, I did enjoy Judi McCoy's dog walker series and would not mind seeing someone else carry on those characters, just for fun.

Kate Cunningham

Some are good- Carole Nelson Douglas' Irene Adler books- and some not so much- Hamilton Crane's Miss Seeton books. I'd love to see a good author write a follow-up to Brother Cadfael's Penance, but the potential pitfalls are worrying.

Ruth Nixon

I've read some and enjoyed some but also closed some of the book unread. But so glad John Clement is keeping the series that his mom wrote going. I also enjoyed Ann Hillerman's book with Leaphorn and Chee.

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