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July 21, 2016


Hank Phillippi Ryan


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, I see what you mean. :-)

Floating in the back yard pool
Talking to my husband
Walking in our neighborhood
Getting a great story
Working on my book
Strolling through our gardenr
Yelling at the television. :-)

Art Taylor

Ha! I love this list—and except for knitting (since I don't), I'm right there with you on most of these, though would need to sub child in for grandchildren in my case, of course.

You really had me at Chinese dumplings!

OH! And add a cocktail in there too! :-)

Elaine Viets

I turned off the TV, too, Marcia, before I threw a rock through it. Love you list. My favorite things are reading a good book and sitting by the water. Better still, reading a good book by the water at our condo.

Marcia Talley

There is nothing better than sitting by a body of water with a good book! I remember the summer I got totally sucked in, lost in medieval Japan while reading Shogun.

Ellie Enos

Last night, I took my daughter to Macaroni Grill and we split Eggplant Parmesan and Tiramisu. We were celebrating the fact that her student loans were totally paid off. Reading and music in the background (instead of political conventions and continuous replays of tragedies, disasters, coups, etc.) keep my blood pressure down.


Marvelous list!

Marcia Talley

Eggplant parm could also go on my list, Ellie!


What a great blog, Marcia! I've also had to turn off the TV - the persistently negative rant of cable news just darkens the soul. So...my list: hiking in the red rocks, or just sitting on my patio drinking in the view; watching my puppy's antics, and especially when my old cat behaves like a kitten; reading, especially when I discover a new author I really connect with; my own homemade lasagna; laughing with friends; and especially, spending quality time with my husband.

Susan Miller

My flower and veg garden,
my golden retriever,
bird watching,
spending time with my grandchildren, and their parents.
Talking "old times' with my friends
Our cabin by the lake in Maine.
Reading a good mystery book,
watching a movie with my husband..and heading to the lake house with him.

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