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August 18, 2016


Gayle Lynds

What a wonderful analysis, Chris. I've not read any essays with the sort of deep research you've done. I never understood why the industry believed that men were the primary readers of spy thrillers when every woman I knew was reading them, but not necessarily the men. Thanks for the great food for rethinking!

Elaine Viets

It's time for a closer look at many industry assumptions, Chris. Thanks for this thought-provoking analysis.


Very interesting article.

My perception is that women read more than men period, and your analysis of who buys thrillers seems to back that up.

I wonder how this analysis would play out if you looked at the audience for films, specifically the "he man" action films and the "chick flick" romantic comedies.

Storyteller Mary

The TBR list is approaching infinity, but I am adding Chris Goff to it. The list is definitely more female than male, not by conscious feminist principles, but more that there are so many women whose works lead me to want to read the next, and the next. I love knowing that I'll never run out. <3

Chris Goff

Gayle, thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Chris Goff

Thanks for having me guest post, Elaine.

Chris Goff

That's an interesting suggestion--to look at the differences between film audiences, Mark. If you check it out, let us know the results.

Chris Goff

Thanks for adding me to your TBR pile, Mary. I hope you love the book!

Mary Saums

Chris, so happy to see you here. Great blog. As soon as I finish typing this, I'm checking out the Rogue Women Writers site. International, spy, gov't corruption, etc. books are great, especially when there's a rogue female bad***, character or writer, in the mix. :)

Thanks for being with us today!

Chris Goff

Thank you for having me!

Mitzi Reinbold

Great evaluation of reading and publishing.
I read across genres and genders. But if I find an author I really like, I'll read all of his/her books.

Mary Reinbold w/a Mitzi Flyte

Chris Roerden (Dpm

Let me add one more way to the ways a writer can improve the chances of getting noticed by busy authors: join SinC, MWA, or ITW, volunteer, and get known for hard work and dependability in that org. When later making known that a new ms is ready, offers of support are likely to come your way. It's a time-consuming method, but worthwhile.

Chris Goff

I agree, Chris. Volunteering with the writers organizations is a great way to get to know people. I've judged for MWA and ITW, sat on the MWA National Board, and have served on the local MWA board for 25 years. I also co-chaired two Left Coast Crime Conferences. It was a lot of work, but I've met so many great people in the process. I highly recommend getting involved. Great suggestion.

Chris Goff

Thanks for commenting, Mitzi. It's great that you're a loyal reader. I'm that way myself. If I love an author, I read everything they've written and then hunger for more.

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