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September 20, 2016


Bill Crider

Glad to hear this good news!


Huge congrats!! (I think I've told you that already, but once more doesn't hurt.) Hoping to get the third book read in the next month, but I have over committed a bit in October. If not, soon so I'll be ready for book four next year.

Toni LP Kelner

Thanks Bill and Mark! I am so freakishly excited. Thinking I'll do my house in skeletons for Halloween to celebrate.

Oh, who am I kidding? My house is always decorated in skeletons.

Art Taylor

Congratulations on Sid's new home! And great seeing you a couple of times at Bouchercon. :-)

Dean James

Congratulations! So happy Sid found a new home.

Deb Romano

Congratulations, Toni! Ever since I first heard of it, I have wanted to read this series. It's time tor me to get the series off my "to be read" list and into my hands. I'm glad you blogged about it today, as I needed the reminder!


Marcia Talley

I touched the poster!! So glad you were able to move Sid to a new home. Publishing is a crazy business!

Elaine Williamson

Glad you found a new home, I love Sid and Georgia.


That is so cool! What a great ad, and I'm so glad someone had the good taste to pick Sid up!

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