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September 15, 2016


Susan Neace

I recently reread all of the Mrs Pollifax books by Dorothy Gilman. I thought the heroine was an old lady when I read the first one and rereading them I suspect I am now older than she was when she volunteered to be a spy for the CIA. I wish I was as resourceful as she was. When a new book comes out in a series I love I always wind up rereading the whole series so I am midway through the October Daye urban fantasy series again by Seanan MGuire. I need to pick up the new Laurie King book about Sherlock Holmes wife. I was a major fan of the original books but until The Beekeepers Apprentice no one had ever done a credible continuation of the Holmes character.

Mary Saums

I agree 100% about the Laurie King books. This is a series I like to "read" read and also listen to the audiobooks because the narrator, Jenny Sterlin, is fantastic.

Yes, Mrs. Pollifax keeps getting younger to me, too. :)

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