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October 26, 2016



These do sound like fun. And, honestly, I need to get away from mystery every so often or I burn out on it.


I have one of her books that I read over and over. Come Be My Guest is the title. It's the only one of hers I ever found at the time. Glad to know that they are being released as eBooks.

Dean James

Mark, I find them charming reads, definitely evocative of another time. Linda, I haven't read that one yet. Can't remember if that's one that has already been released, but I might have a copy somewhere at home...

Kathy Lynn Emerson

My fave is The Singing Heart (aka The Lark Shall Sing). I still have my 35 cent edition, bought at a bookfair in junior high. Story of siblings trying to save their home from being sold. Main character in her early twenties. Not a mystery but altogether charming. And they have a lovable dog.

Dean James

Kathy, have you read the other two books about the Wayne siblings? The Blue Sky of Spring, and Six Impossible Things? I've read only Lark so far but thoroughly enjoyed it.

Kathy Lynn Emerson

Dean, I just now discovered them on Kindle. Definitely on my tbr list. So glad you wrote this blog!

Barbara Dougas

Thanks for this well-timed recommendation. A gentle read sounds like an ideal antidote to today's 'nasty' rhetoric.

Kristin Lundgren

I did love her books when I discovered her in the library back in the 1970s. I read every one I could find, which was a fair amount. I then worked on collecting them, many ex-lib, and a few ones still in great shape. Reminded me of Rosamonde Pilcher's work, before The Shell Seeker. Glad to know a new batch of people can read them. They gave me much joy. Like watching an episode of Doc Martin, or Death in Paradise, or any of those village comedies/touch of mystery the BBC does so well.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

YOu are such a treasure! No idea, but now, tracking her down. Thank you!

Peggy van Wunnik

I fell in love with her work when I was in junior high, and would buy the hardcover books when the library had its annual book sale and got rid of "outdated" stock. My favorite has always been The Corner Shop. There's always a touch of romance, often a touch of mystery, and lots of descriptive writing that allows you to easily envision the setting.

Dean James

So glad to hear from fellow Cadell fans. For those into such things, there is a fan group on Facebook. Just search on Elizabeth Cadell.

sujata massey

Thanks for the tip, Dean!!

Deb Romano

As soon as I get a chance, I'll look for her books. Thanks for the information, Dean!


I love her books! I discovered them at the public library. Good to know they are being reprinted.

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