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October 31, 2016


Sally Schmidt

Good morning and congrats again, Hank! I'm looking forward to another story with a short little title that has SO much meaning and layers behind it, and spending some more time with Jane especially as she grows and works out the personal and professional issues in her life. Enjoy book tour! How you do it I don't know,but you have so much energy.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Thank you, dear Sally! I am running around like a crazy person today, I have to admit..Pub day is always nuts. :-) But wonderful.

Susan Neace

I have worked most of my career as a legal aid attorney, civil cases, and have been saddened when people who have experienced sexual or physical assault do not show up to testify against the perpetrators. I understand the dynamics but I hate the results when the abuser walks.

Storyteller Mary

I'm so looking forward to this . . . so many thorny issues! It is hard to know if one would have the courage if needed. I hope I would, and feel sure you do. <3
I'd better supply the larder for sequestered time once I open the book. ;-)

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