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October 26, 2016


Karen in Ohio

Alex, I'm with you (and with her). At this point in my life I feel as though we need to share our experiences as mature individuals, and as women, in particular. They shape us, and they shape our expectations and desires in how we want the country, and the world, to run on our behalf, and on the behalf of those who come behind us. It's our responsibility, really, not to leave things to chance for spiteful reasons. I applaud your courage, and your thoughtful and intelligent postings.

A Fan

Susan Neace

I am 66, married,2 children. I have voted in every election since I turned 18 and my grandmother marched me down to register. She was born in 1881 and didn't get the right to vote until the amendment passed. I thought of her when I ordered my Nasty Women Vote tee shirt this week

Alexandra Sokoloff

Karen, thank you! It does exactly feel to me like a moral imperative. The tide has turned but only because and IF we keep it turning.

Alexandra Sokoloff

Susan, what a great post, thank you! Isn't it fantastic to be able to vote with and for our grandmothers... and for every girl in our sphere! I am eagerly awaiting my own Nasty Woman tank.

Judith Newton

So heartening to read this. I find I can't write if I can't bring my politics to it. It's just boring for me. I so admire how you can do this and make it gripping.

Alexandra Sokoloff

Judith, good for you! I mostly can't be bothered with a book that doesn't have a strong political opinion. It's the highest of stakes, really, isn't it?


Thanks for stopping by the Femmes, Alexandra--great article!

Alexandra Sokoloff

Thanks for having me, Dana!

Dean James

Being political in her books hasn't held Sara Paretsky back. I admire her tremendously for her courage to write her passion into her work.

Charlaine Harris

I hope my books are my political and moral statements. People who ask me if my subtext is "on purpose" really, really insult me.

Jim Veatch

The books I read and spend money on tend to provide both challenge and pleasure. I have limited resources, so I don't take many chances with authors I haven't read before. I just can't afford books without political/moral elements. I have only recently begun reading Alexandra, but I'm catching up fast. And I recommend her books to everyone I know--even to those I know who will not appreciate her moral/political implications.

Elaine Viets

Margaret Maron is another author who makes her politics clear in her cozy Judge Deborah Knott series. You know exactly where she stands on the issues. My politics were easy to figure out in the Dead-End Job books, too.

Alexandra Sokoloff

Sara Paretsky is a great example, Dean!

Alexandra Sokoloff

Charlaine, that's really funny. Do you answer, "What subtext?" :)

Alexandra Sokoloff

That's high praise, Jim Veatch - recommending me to my detractors! Thank you!

Alexandra Sokoloff

Elaine, Margaret is one of my all-time heroines. I love her books and I'm privileged to know her.

Storyteller Mary

It would have been terrible if you and other committed authors would have followed advice that silenced you on important issues. How could you have written honestly? How could readers connect with half-silenced writers? Brava for the strength of conviction!
While I was teaching in this fairly conservative area, I soft-pedaled some of my activist history, but I suspect my students still saw me for who I am and I found materials to use to express human causes, "Christmas Truce," Twain's "War Prayer." A beautiful moment for me was when a student assured me that yes, I WOULD be like the woman in NIGHT and offer to hide Jews from Nazis. I hope never to face the test.
Aside: You say, "once a book has a certain number of rave reviews, the occasional one-star actually helps the author." Could you tell me more about how that works? I've not been reviewing older books, thinking there are already so many, and I prefer to just not review anything I don't love. Should I change that mind-set?


Rita Mae Brown addresses political/social issues in her fiction.

Alexandra Sokoloff

Mary, I love your sly approach to teaching activist ideas. Who can argue with Mark Twain? :) Brava.

As for reviews, in terms of book ranking, the number of reviews counts more than the quality of any of them. So even if you just leave a review that says "I liked it!" - that helps the author without taking any of your time.

Alexandra Sokoloff

Linda, that's true!

Storyteller Mary

Thanks for clarifying. I have been writing many more reviews lately, and clicking "helpful" on a few other reviews also.

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