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October 17, 2016



I'm really looking forward to reading this!

Sally Schmidt

Seriously, Hank, just when I think you can't write a book more riveting than the last, you go ahead and do it! Can't wait to read this one. As for the Rubik's Cube, we thought my 3-year old must be a prodigy because she could solve it. Well, not quite, turns out she rearranged the colored stickers. We chose to believe that was pretty inventive for a 3-year old anyway ;-). xo

Hank Phillippi Ryan

The rubik's cube is STICKERS? I had no idea. Well, I'll be...

Sally Schmidt

It used to be stickers, anyway. Not sure about it now. We thought she was a clever little devil.


Looking forward to reading this!

Trude Vandine

This sounds like another terrific book! They just keep getting better!


No need to put me in the drawing, I just want to say that I think SAY NO MORE is my favorite Jane/Jake book yet. Fellow fans are in for a real treat.

And a Rubik's Cube is the perfect metaphor. And in this case, the end result sounds just about perfect.


I can't wait for this book!

Marlyn Beebe

I'm so looking forward to this book!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, thank you, Kristopher! SO delighted! (And relieved....:-))

Karen Kelley

Your discussion in Kingston, MA the other night has me ready and waiting! So excited for a new Jane/Jake story...

Hank Phillippi Ryan

That event was so amazing, Karen! Thank you! You remind me I have not posted the photos yet...watch facebook soon! xoxoo


I can't wait to read it, and to see you again! Unfortunately I will be away (again!) for the launch on Nov.1. But I will look forward to buying a copy, and DEFINITELY seeing you SOMEWHERE when I get back (after Nov.11). It's been too long - Miss you <3<3!!!! Linda


Your Grandson is brilliant - I never would have thought of listening for just the right sound when trying to solve that incredibly frustrating Rubik's cube! Say No More sounds awesome!

Jim Collins

Such a great metaphor for writing a book. Sometimes for reading one too.

Barbara Bibel

I can't wait to read the new book!
I hope tht you had a good birthday. Mineos on the 30th.

Karen B

Hello! Always hated those Rubik Cubes but love your books!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, thank you! I will email--er, text--Eli to see if his has stickers. But I have watched him do it!

Karen in Ohio

Eli is a genius!

Well done, Hank. Very much looking forward to the new Jane & Jake adventure!

Grace Koshida

Never was able to solve a Rubik's cube! Eli is a wunderkid for figuring it out!!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

He IS a wonder, Grace! And he's helped me with my plotting many times. :-)

SO excited about his book..and very nervous. It is truly reassuring to hear from you all..and I am so grateful!

Barbara Khan

Thanks for the chance. I can't say I ever liked the Rubik's Cube, but I do love books, especially mysteries, so I'd love to win your latest.


This should be an interesting story. Colleges tend to keep crime on campus quiet, even from the students.


LOVE your books!!!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, thank you! SUch fun to read all these..xoxo

And you are so right, Pat. Wait til you see what happens in the book!

Deb Romano

Hank, a belated Happy Birthday!

Looking forward to reading the latest book, and I am sure it will be as thrilling as all the others. You are the master (mistress???) of suspense! When I'm reading one of your books I need to stop every so many chapters to have some chamomile tea and let my heart rate return to normal!

I agree that Eli is a genius!

hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, DebRo, that is lovely of you! Thank you. This is so ...nerve-wracking, and I am crossing fingers that all goes well. You are helping! xooxoo

hank Phillippi Ryan


Barbara Khan!

Please email me at h ryan at whdh dot com and tell me your address.

Everyone else--thank you--you are fabulous. And I am so honored by your inteerst. Yay. ANd crossing fingers..xoxo

Storyteller Mary

They were fun, and frustrating. I have one that was red and white checkerboard, a gift from a teaching colleague.
I loved the great article on seizing life’s opportunities.

hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, thank you, Mary! So lovely of you! xooxo

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