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October 30, 2016


Sally Schmidt

I agree, this is an exciting World Series. We are hardcore Giants fans here, But they aren't there, and my husband and I grew up in Northwest Indiana, so would love to see the Cubs win. But I find myself cheering for the Indians, too. I just love baseball and am happy to see it continue a little longer with two teams that are fun to watch.


I know someone on a message board who is so much a Cubs fan (and other Chicago teams) and talks about it constantly even though the forum is not related to sports. So I can't root for any Chicago team ever as a result. Sorry.


Sally, I agree--the more baseball the better!

And Mark, sorry you're suffering from the overeager Chicago sports fan. I think we've all been there--though not always with Chicago! You're not required to root for anyone . . . as long as you support the sensible fan's right to be excited in appropriate venues!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Born in Chicago. Say no more! xooxoo

Kelly Saderholm

Looooooong time Cubs fan here.

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