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December 14, 2016


Margaret Hamilton Turkevich

the arty one of the blue building at the ballfield. Nice job!

Cathy Adams

I love the bee by the flower. Poor little bees are having such a hard time of it lately...

Laura DiSilverio

I agree with Margaret about the blue building. I also like the pumpkins. I'm attracted to strong colors. :-)


Great pictures. You are as talented as a photographer as you are a writer.

But 13 month calendar? How did you get that extra month?


Mark, the 13th picture is for the cover of the calendar. I could just repeat one from one of the months, but it gives me a chance to sneak another photo in.

Deb Romano

I love that dog! I'd be happy with that dog's face on the cover as well as on each month!

hank Phillippi Ryan

Cedar Waxwing! SO pretty. I've always wanted to see one in real life.

ANd I also am intrigued by the sushi-air conditioners. :-)

You have such a good eye!

When do we get to see the calendar?

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