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December 28, 2016


Karen in Ohio

What fun, Marcia! Looks like you've found a wonderful community there.

As for the "Where's Marcia?" challenge, I'm going to guess that you are the woman in the pale green shirt in the upper left of the photo, sort of in the last row. But it's super hard to tell!

Marcia Talley

Sorry, no, Karen! :-) It is super hard to tell; even *I* had to spend a few minutes scanning the crowd. On the other hand, my sister Susan found me right away, as did my daughter, Sarah ... but family doesn't count, prize-wise. LOL.


Are you the woman in the red shirt and navy dress, with her arms up, off to the right?
Nice blog.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

SO wonderful! xoxoo Looking for you now..

Marcia Talley

No, Annette. Sorry. :-)

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