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January 18, 2017



Sounds like a great partnership to me. Glad it works so well for both of you.

Bill Hopkins

Thanks! It's a blast.

Laura DiSilverio

You're lucky to have each other, in more ways than one.

Alan P.

I am going to have to pick up one of your books for my ever growing TBR stack.

The first, second set of eyes, is very important. Catching those little things like, '“How can this character be there when two pages back, you say she is here?”' make the difference.

Bill Hopkins

Thanks, Laura DiSilverio. We're pretty much in love....

Bill Hopkins

Alan P., it's exceptionally important to have as many eyes as possible read the book.

Erin MacDonald

I've read Bill's first book, and lived it! I look forward to reading the rest!!

Timmy King

Bill's books are great. Now we know why.

Chris neske

Great article. Interesting read.

Laura Brauer

I love Bill's books! When I get a new one, I always tell myself that I will read it slowly, savoring it over a period of several days but it never works out that way. I devour it.

Bill Hopkins

Thanks to Laura Brauer, Chris Neske, Timmy King, and Erin MacDonald! I appreciate your support.


I thought novel writing was a solitary endeavor but you prove it doesn't have to be. Interesting post!


You two have a wonderful relationship! So fortunate to have found each other.

As for your books... well, I try to warn people off from even trying the free first book, because it leads to addiction, wanting to buy the rest, binge-reading, anticipating the next release (sort of like a junkie jonesin' for a fix).

Alas, nobody listens.

Ruth Berge

Love these books! Murder with a sense of humor and lots of twists. no one can read just one

Lynn Adams

Great writing team!

Bill Hopkins

Diann, Krysta, and Ruth: Thanks for the posts! It's you and all the others who've posted here who I write for.

Bill Hopkins

Thanks, Lynn!

Marcie Upchurch

Both Bill's and Sharon's books will keep you glued to the page! When you start one, better make sure you have time to finish--that means something quick for spouse to eat without much time away from the book!
And these two make a great reference source for writing and self-publishing because they have been through lots of situations.

Catrina K

Love these guys! Working my way through their books and highly recommend. Truly a dynamic duo.

Catrina K

Love these guys! I'm making my way through their books and I can put them down. Murder and humor! Truly a dynamic duo.

Mary Ann Heinsman

Great article, Bill! I think you and Sharon should write a book about a husband/wife murder mystery writing team who stumble upon an actual murder!

Bill Hopkins

Thanks, Marcie, Catrina, and Mary Ann! We love our readers.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, just saw this! You two are incredible! xooxo

Hank Phillippi Ryan

MAry Ann--brilliant idea!

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