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February 07, 2017



That does sound fabulous! If only I weren't on the other side of the country with a huge monthly deadline at work. (And to show you how tempting it is, I'd be willing to brave the Boston winter weather to go.)

Have a blast!


Wow, that is quite a lineup of panels. So jealous that you are on a panel with Scott Lynch! Wish I could see that. And wish I could hear Dana's interview of Maryelizabeth.

I'm adding this con to a wishlist for the future.

catriona mcpherson

Oh, how I'd love to be at that Buffy panel. Why, only last night I sought comfort in a couple of old episodes from Season 6 - the arch nemisisesies.

Toni LP Kelner

@Mark, there are planes, but not to fly around deadlines. Maybe next year...?

@Kristopher, I'm pretty excited about meeting Scott Lynch myself. I will probably say something stupid, but hey, that's how I roll.

@Catriona, Buffy is like mental bacon--makes everything better.


Buffy season 6? Good? The only good thing to come out of the last two seasons of Buffy combined was "Once More with Feeling." The rest was just awful!

Not that I have strong feelings about it or anything. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

WOW! What a weekend! Okay, now, no hooting--but I have never seen Buffy What do I do now????


Thanks for sharing this, Toni! It's gonna be a fun weekend.

Hank, this is a good guide to getting started with BtVS, and you can pick the route you want to focus on--the Slayer, the romance, High School as Hell, etc.


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