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February 09, 2017


Laura Geyer

9 bucks at Rodman's, but on the other hand, their conch fritters stink. XO

Susan Woythaler

Fun! I'm really glad that you are finally getting "your bottom painted".....what color????
I've been meaning to talk to you about your unpainted bottom....but, where to begin such a sensitive and private conversation????

Enjoy the sun...we are in for a blizzard......xoxo

Elaine Viets

Who's going to see that painted bottom -- and why does it need paint?

Barry Talley

Bottom paint delays the buildup of undesirable flora and fauna (barnacles, weed, scum, scuz, mung, yech, goop, slime, etc) all of which will slow down a boat.

Marcia Talley

I think it'll be blue! The paint contains certain compounds, uh, poisons, that discourage organisms from visiting the hull and hanging around for a while.

Marcia Talley

9 bucks! Laura, you're killing me!

Sasscer Hill

No barnacles on you, Marcia!

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