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March 03, 2017


Art Taylor

Nice post! I recently discovered a bread machine that I'd forgotten we had (it was in storage) and we started making a loaf each week there--and then eventually moved on to just mixing it and baking it in the oven ourselves. It's been fun to do, and also fun to test out different things to see what works best. Good points here all!

Laura DiSilverio

Totally sympathize with your attempts at high altitude baking. We live at 6600 feet and it's a challenge. I used to bake a German chocolate cake that was to die for, but even after living here 14+ years, I still can't replicate it exactly at this altitude.


I haven't baked in years, and never at altitude. Hadn't considered how that would make things more difficult.

But I'll take some of your freshly made bread.

Deb Romano

The new "hobby" I would like to establish is decluttering on a regular basis. We'll see what happens...

When I was a freshman in college back in the sixties my dad had a major heart attack. Back then there were no bypass surgeries or stent procedures. He was home from work, recuperating, for three months. During that time he started baking bread again, something he hadn't done since I was a child. He found it to be therapeutic, and I got sent back to school from winter vacation with more homemade loaves of bread than my roommates and I could possibly eat! I distributed bread to people in other apartments on our floor!

Elaine Viets

No new hobbies, but I'd be happy to sample your new hobby.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, SO amazing you posted this! Come back tomorrow for more on baking! xoxo


Art, it is fun! I'm glad you discovered it, too.


Laura, your cake sounds great. So sorry it doesn't work at altitude.


Mark, if you were here, I'd give you some. I make small rolls that I especially love.


Deb, what a great story about your dad. I'm glad he found bread baking to be satisfying during his recovery. I started decluttering earlier this year, but I've already abandoned that! Too hard.


Elaine, if you were here, I'd love to make you some bread!


Hank, thanks for alerting me to your post. THE ART OF PIE sounds amazing. I'll look for it the next time I'm in a bookstore.

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