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March 27, 2017



Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

catriona mcpherson

I mostly have photos of people in lanyards holding up books, so thanks for this!


Love the photos! Thanks for sharing them.

Shari Randall

Wow! Amazing photos! Especially fun to see all the different plants, birds, and animals.

Ellie Enos

My daughter, Maile, returned to Northern Nevada on Sunday, March 12th. Daylight savings began while she was over the ocean. She had spent a week on "Hawaiian" time, then returned to daylight savings time, the full/fool moon, and a 10 hour work day on Monday.

This was her first visit to Hawaii. Her dad was from Kona. He was in the Air Force so we travelled all over. We lived in Hawaii for several years before she was born and we stopped visiting as well. She said the birds sound completely different than the crows, seagulls, and Canadian geese she encounters in her Reno neighborhood.

Hawaii also appears to be suddenly in technicolor after the muted desert pallet of Northern Nevada. I had the same experience when I moved there straight from high school graduation. I had never seen the gecko lizards before or experienced the tropical scent of white ginger flowers drenched with morning dew!

Deb Romano

Thank you so much for the photos, Donna! They bring back happy memories of some long ago trips to Hawaii.

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