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March 05, 2017


Laura DiSilverio

I got one of those "Can you hear me?" calls yesterday! So annoying. I had previously heard about the possible scam, so I hung up. I, like you, Donna, still answer the phone even if I don't recognize the number. It drove my husband crazy when I did that until the day I picked up and it was his brother with a new number.


I'm to the point where I hang up on people who sort of have a legitimate reason to be calling me but are calling me during work hours. Sorry, but if you are calling me for person reasons, you shouldn't be calling my cell phone number during work hours. And they are local phone numbers, so I know it's not a time zone difference issue.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

HATE those calls. SO frustrating. And it's making me ignore the phone altogether unless I know who it is. Only a couple of times has that been a…situation. :-)

Anne Murphy

I really love caller ID and our answering machine. If a call comes up "Unknown called, unknown number" it can go to the answering machine. My gentle, loving husband has a gruff voice which sounds intimidating enough to encourage most nuisances callers to hang up immediately.

Elaine Viets

I use caller ID, too, but I get those recorded scams. The one that gets me the most is, "Congratulations. You responded to our TV ad about back braces." I yelled, "I DID NOT!" until I realized it was a recorded call. Grrrr.

Cathy Adams

Cathy's Guide to Avoiding Unwanted Calls:
1. Eliminate the landline. (You'll especially appreciate this in election years.)
2. Get a smartphone with good call-blocking software.
3. If you have an Android cell phone, get yourself a Google Voice phone number and use it as your official phone number; only give out your cell phone number to friends, family and others you really want to talk to. Google Voice rings through to your cell phone and it has excellent call-blocking features (blocked numbers can't even leave voice messages).

It's a crazy world out there, let the crazies call other people.

Donna M Williams More

Current scam going around at businesses is they call to tell you that the water bill hasn't been paid and water is going to be shut off if you don't pay them by debit card immediately. I'll go along if I'm doing something like opening the mail that doesn't take thought - why not waste their time if it keeps them away from other people? It was for a building we no longer occupy. I kept sweetly trying to give him the landlord's phone number and ascertain whether it was our final bill, etc. I was all sweetness and light, and he ended the conversation by calling me a word I consider foul enough I won't even abbreviate it and slammed the phone down.

I may have reached the pinnacle of my anti-scammer career. I've been a bookkeeper long enough that I received my first 419 (Nigerian Bank) scam by mail (and had to report it at the post office) through to getting phone scammers to waste time and slam the phone down screaming at me.

Cathy M

I've been reasonably polite for years in deflecting nuisance calls, but I'm now to the point of just hanging up without comment.

I did go off on the man who called and asked, "Can you hear me Grandma?" I'm not a grandmother and I've heard about how older people have been scammed by this ploy, so I told him he was an "effing" moron if he thought I'd fall for this and he should be ashamed of himself. I know it had no effect on him whatsoever, as he hung up on me, but at least I got to say what I thought.


Glad I'm not the only one who's aware of these scammers!

Cathy, getting rid of the land line won't help. These days I get more scam calls on the cell phone than the land line. And my iPhone does let you block scammers . . . that's why the scammers change up their numbers frequently!

Deb Romano

Between Caller ID and the answering machine, I have no trouble determining who the scammers are and who might be returning a call I made to a medical office or to an organization I'm interested in.

More than once there have been fake IRS warnings on my answering machine. Those calls really anger me because I know there are people who fall for that. And Elaine, I've received the back brace calls, too. They make me laugh-- because I don't have TV!

About a month ago I came home to phone messages from two different "charitable" organizations (with names similar to those of legitimate organizations) with one call coming in the morning and one in the afternoon. Both times the person asked for me by name--and it was the same voice each time.


I got two phone calls from numbers I didn't recognize today on my cell phone while I was at work. I didn't answer either of them, and neither left me a message. I figure if it were important, they would have done that.

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