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March 29, 2017


Annette Dashofy

Hank, I confess I was on the verge of being speechless that first time I met Bob. He's such a sweet and gracious man, though, that he puts everyone immediately at ease.

And thanks so much for having me here today!

Ramona DeFelice Long

"Picture a horse with an attractive man on it" - That would be my dad. I grew up with cowboys. There's no experience quite like being a little girl at a cattle round up, sitting on a fence post and watching the cowboys work.

What to say to a hero? Hm. Probably, "I really enjoyed your book." Congrats on NO WAY HOME, Annette!

Annette Dashofy

Thanks, Ramona.

I'm not sure what the first words out of my mouth were the first time I met Bob, but I know I told him I wanted to thank him for the impact he's had on my life and career.

Martha Reed

Every woman should have a cowboy in her past. I just finished NO WAY HOME. Annette, it's another winner! I loved reading about the New Mexico setting, and you got me - twice - with that surprise ending!

Annette Dashofy

Thanks, Martha. Glad I gotcha! ;-)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Cannot wait to read this! I just got back from and event with Craig Johnson, and yes, he's marvelous and talented--but that hat! There's just something about it...

But my heroes? I'm sure if I met Paul Simon or Stephen Sondheim, I'd have no idea what to say..

Annette Dashofy

Hank, I was so thrilled to see your name on an order when I was signing stock at Mystery Lovers! I hope you enjoy No Way Home.

And yes, I adore Craig! I've been known to drive 7 hours to one of his signings (since he never comes to Pittsburgh!) Love the hat.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh my pleasure ! It's so much fun to sign pre-orders, isn't it? And I cannot wait to read it!
How did your launch go?

Annette Dashofy

It was great, Hank! I think there were only 4 copies left at the end of the day. Had a lovely crowd. It's always nice to see all my friends at Mystery Lovers Bookshop.


Depending on the person, I can be tongue tied or gushing or just talking like old friends within minutes. It also depends on the situation, I think.

Congrats on getting to meet your hero.

Annette Dashofy

Agreed, Mark. So much depends on the other person's personality.

Celia Fowler

Such a great story -- I loved Emergency! and Dr. Brackett especially. It's wonderful to know that he is such a nice person, and I'm glad he still has a large fan base, though how could he not?

Over Christmas, I didn't meet a cowboy hero (like George Strait), but I did meet John Oates at the Post Office here. I was totally tongue-tied, didn't want to invade his privacy, but did tell him that I was a huge fan. He was very gracious.

Annette Dashofy

Oooohhh, Celia! John Oates! My very first rock concert was Hall and Oates. Third row center orchestra pit. Awesome!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

You know, Celia, I saw James Taylor in the Gap once, and had the same dilemma. I finally just caught his eye, and put my hand over my heart, Like I'm a fan!. And he smiled, and then we went our own ways. I think they like to know you recognize them--but appreciate not intruding. Don't you think?

Storyteller Mary

Wonderful! I loved Waddie Mitchell and his cowboy poetry at Storytelling Festival! . . . and I loved your book!

Elaine Viets

Congratulations, Annette. Hilarious blog. I met my hero Sue Grafton at a mystery conference, a woman I've admired for years, and blurted, "I love your books." Really original.

Ellie Enos

There is a picture of a paniolo in my living room. His name is Kaui and he was my late husband's uncle by marriage. His boss was my husband's grandfather, Frank. Frank was Portuguese and Kaui was Hawaiian Chinese. Cowboys in Hawaii rodeo, listen to country music, etc. Kaui's hat was a woven lauhala hat and he also wore a flower lei around the crown.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Elaine, that's probably the best thing you could ever say, right?

Ellie, that is perfect!


Frankie avolon lol I was in awe.

Annette Dashofy

Elaine, that's definitely the perfect thing to say! I mean, do any of us ever tire of hearing it? Noooo. :-D

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