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March 14, 2017


Liz Milliron

The only book where I read the last page first was the last Harry Potter book. I just couldn't bear it if Ron, Hermione, or Harry died. Well, maybe if Rowling had had a really good reason and it fit the story, but I felt I needed to brace myself if that happened.

But all the rest of it? No, let it unfold!


strong female lead mystery thevcartel&drugs involved sign me up.I definitely don't read the last page first😊


I have no problem with someone scanning the first page of a book before they buy it. But the last page? Yikes! And yes, there are people like that. My parents start with the last few minutes of The Amazing Race to find out who is eliminated and then go back to see how it happened.

If someone major is going to die in a book or TV series I like, I like to know before hand so I can be prepared for it. But the rest? I love to discover as I go along. Maybe a teaser "spoiler" that hints at something to come but I usually reserve those for TV shows.


I have two reasons for reading the end first.

One: It gets too stressful otherwise! I worry about the characters. I flinch as I turn pages, concerned that they might get hurt or worse. Even if a character does die, knowing about it lets me relax and read the book and be ready for it.

Two: As a writer, I like to see how other authors do things. Knowing the end point lets me appreciate the journey more.

catriona mcpherson

Eileen, that might be the best way for any end-reader to soothe a writer. "You're so good at this, it's just too stressful!"

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I have to admit-I sometimes read the end, too. I'll read the first chapter, then the last one, then read the whole book.


But it's so, as Eileen says, I can see how the author got there. And truly, you see techniques you might otherwise have missed. And of course, if the book is good, you don't know the WHOLE story from the last chapter. I DO NOT suggest this for someone who is not a writer--it's a different deal. :-)

Bella, I promise I did not read the end of your book--and I loved it, beginning to end!


Why? Because I think you are right--it's the folks who as kids couldn't take the "stress" of unopened presents who have grown up into the but-I-wanna-know-now. :). I don't like to know-- heck, I don't even try and figure it out as I go along. I'm in for the entertaining and potentially scenic ride. But I do refuse to throttle the peekers on the principle that we are all part of the Brotherhood of Readers.

Karen in Ohio

If I'm reading for pleasure I can't possibly read the last page first. The road to the end is the fun of reading, the delicious anticipation, the feast of language and character and situation combining to create a journey. Why miss all that?

But lately, now that I'm trying to unravel the mystery of creating my own mystery, I'm going back to well-loved books and flipping back and forth to analyze where the alchemy was applied, finding the subtle clues, and the misdirection that keeps readers in the dark until the end.

Ruth Nixon

If I read the last page first how would I really understand what the author was telling me in the story. I love getting to know the people in the book and the twists and turns. My favorite books are the ones that make me lose sleep because I want to know how it ends.

Marla B

I never read the end first. I don't even like to read too much of the blurb, because I find some of them can be spoilerish. I prefer to be surprised! mbradeen@yahoo.com

Isabella Maldonado

Thank you all for your fantastic responses! I now have a better understanding of those who read the end first. Turns out you are kind, caring people who get worried about characters you've come to love. I can't apologize for making you stress about my characters though, because that's my job. :)

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